RYN™ provides a turn-key solution for the protection and accountability of electronic information, at rest and in motion. The following key features establish RYN as the most advanced solution to protect electronic information.

Certify Icon CERTIFY
Your RYN™ Identity is permanently associated to the information you protect. File recipients will know if a RYN™ encrypted file comes from a trusted source. RYN™ encrypted files are tagged with the level of authentication used to create it.
Protect Icon PROTECT
RYN™ file encryption uses multiple passes of highly secure encryption to ensure that sensitive electronic information is completely private and safe.  
Track Icon TRACK
Customizable reports and real-time alerts give precise, time stamped information about all authorized and failed attempts to access your RYN™ encrypted files.  
Verify Icon VERIFY
Even after a file has been decrypted RYN™ can verify if it is authentic and unaltered. If it is RYN™ will confirm the identity of the person who protected the file, the level of authentication used, and when it was protected.
Control Icon CONTROL
RYN™ provides file expiration management, flexible access controls, and access on demand overrides. Access can be restricted to only those with specific authentication levels.